Copy, Creative, Themes & Tactics That Need To Go Away PART VIII

“…Reason #47…” © Paul Edgewater All Rights Reserved

I think I wanted to punch a hole in a wall the very first time I saw this on television. It was about 10 years ago and it was at the very beginning of an ad campaign (a fictitious name will be used to protect the identity of the offending company). The very first spot of the campaign this particular company aired was;

“Reason #47 why you should use Wilson Widgets…”

Here’s the problem: There weren’t 46 reasons cited before reason #47. They just started with reason #47. Let me dissect why this happens and why you may want to avoid buying products and services from companies that do this. This ploy targets two types of people; dummies and bigger dummies. The dummies think they must have missed the first 46 spots and they need to get on board—now. They think to themselves:

“Boy, if they’re on their 47th spot about this product/service, it must be great! Honey, let’s go buy some before it’s too late.”

The even bigger dummies think:

“How sardonically funny and clever; “reason #47”. I’m sure there are at least 46 other reasons to buy this product/service, but their marketing folks decided which reasons to air first and it just happened to start with reason #47. Kind of like Star Wars didn’t start with episode one. I’m sure time was tight and they couldn’t reshoot this spot and say it was reason #1. They just needed to get it out on the airwaves—now.” 

Who thinks this is cool? Who falls for this? Answer to both questions: No one reading this book does.

Thank you for your time!

Check back soon for part VIX!

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