Copy, Creative, Themes & Tactics That Need To Go Away PART III

“Dumb and/or insufferable man versus smart and/or above-it-all-yet-tolerant woman”

© Paul Edgewater All Rights Reserved

At the risk of offending, it would be more than refreshing to see a stupid woman with a smart man in a commercial for a change. That doesn’t happen though, does it? Whenever there needs to be diametrically opposed views in an advertisement where one view (the wrong one) needs to represent either the competitor’s product or service or general buyer apathy and the other view to represent the product or service being advertised, more often than not, the female role is the righteous one who’s already opted in/on board and the male role is that of the village idiot who’s still using the competitor’s product or service. For every male who is comfortable with his gender (which by the way, far outnumber the males who make apologies for their sex), these types of commercials make us spend our money elsewhere. It has nothing to do with male security or insecurity; it is just that these commercials insult the intelligence of men and women alike.

It’s always the same scenario; the goofy man who just can’t figure out what was completely natural for his female-better-half to embrace. She’ll just look up in the air with her eyes rolling, flashing a whimsical & dismissive “what-a-goof-ball-but-I-love-him-anyway” look then emasculate him in front of his children as they enjoy the benefits of product A, which she selected, while he struggles with product B in the background. This often involves him getting severely injured in the process as well. As an example, his wife and children are enjoying a perfectly delicious meal of easy-to-prepare pizza roles, while he’s in the back yard, trying to grill a pizza while his pants are on fire with the dog eating his cooked leg, in spite of the fact that there is a busted water main gushing 10 feet away from him that was also apparently his doing. Oh what a goof. How funny. How played out and how boring.

Thanks for your interest!

Check back for part IV soon and make sure to read parts I & II as well!

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