The Entrepreneur part 2



“The Entrepreneur” ©2006 Paul Edgewater All Rights Reserved

Part 2

I left off part one proclaiming that being an entrepreneur is actually playing it “safe” as opposed to getting a “real job”.  You may now be asking yourself,

“How can this be? Isn’t there great risk involved with being an entrepreneur?”

Yes and no. Like all great truths, this is a simple concept, but not necessarily an easy one to get your arms around. To paraphrase Earl Nightingale* who stated in his recording “Success In America”, there are so few people in this world who actually take the risk of putting it all on the line by starting a business based on an innovation or a new concept, that when you become an entrepreneur, there isn’t much competition as far as the numbers are concerned. This is absolutely true. Let me add, if you settle for an “real job” and an average life, you’ll get it and you’ll have plenty of company too.  And there is nothing wrong with this per se.  We are fortunate enough in this country to live in a socioeconomic system that allows for someone to be comfortable and well fed without extraordinary effort. That’s great. Though by choosing what initially seems to be the path of least resistance (i.e. the “real” job), you put yourself and those who depend on you, in the precarious position of having very little, if any economic safety net. When there are layoffs due to tough economic times, there is a lot of competition for these common positions with average payoffs. So this latter course of action is in fact the risky one. If however, you want to do something special, like providing a rare and valuable product or service to the market place, you’ll be in much smaller company. When you encounter the set backs (and you will), they will still be challenging, but there will be only a handful of other entrepreneurs vying to take your place in your chosen industry, not the hordes we see in the ubiquitous soup lines and job fairs during economic downturns. As long as you provide a very marketable and in-demand product or service, it’s feasible that you as an individual entrepreneur or as a company will be perpetually viable no matter what the economy is doing. So this course is indeed playing it “safe”.

Thank you for your interest!


*For more information on the “Dean Of Self-Development” Earl Nightingale, go to:

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